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Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute invites you to the launch of a ground breaking new book on Thursday 14 June 2012

When: 5:00 – 6:00pm, Thursday 14 June 2012
Where: West Dining Room, Woodward Conference Centre,10th Floor, 185 Pelham Street, Carlton, Melbourne

2020 Vision for a Sustainable Society brings together leaders from academia, business and government to provide practical steps to steer Australia towards a more sustainable future. In suggesting twenty actions by 2020, the book provides a vision of a future society that is healthier and happier but not radically different to what we enjoy today. This book aims to provide Australians with answers to the burning question of the 21st century: ‘Where to from here?’

“This book will help Australians to understand their part in the global effort for sustainability.”

  • Keynote speaker: Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Kate Auty
  • Notable chapter authors: Nobel Prize winner, Peter Doherty Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Kate Auty, Chair of Moreland Energy Foundation, Monique Conheady; and MSSI Director, Craig Pearson.
  • Available for interview prior to launch: The Hon. John Brumby (Chapter 14 – Governance), Professor Craig Pearson (Chapter 3 – Consumption and Chapter 26 – Twenty Actions) and Monique Conheady (Chapter 23 – Transport), Editor.

For further information / to arrange an interview contact Phoebe Bond on 03 9035 6209 / 0424 072 054 or Tania Struzina on 03 9035 8363 / 0438 091 185