Foreword by Ross Garnaut


1. Population


Rebecca Kippen

Demographer Rebecca Kippen is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Health and Society at the University of Melbourne. Since the 1990s, her work on population futures has been a key influence in population debate both in Australia and internationally.

Peter McDonald

Professor Peter McDonald, AM, FASSA, is Director of the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute at the Australian National University, and President of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population. He is frequently consulted by governments internationally on issues of population futures, particularly labour supply policies for countries facing low fertility rates and rapid ageing.

2. Equity


Helen Sykes

Dr Helen Sykes is the Director of Future Leaders, President of the Trust for Young Australians and Chair of The Australian Collaboration. She is Chair of the Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health Service Reference Group and a Member of the Future Justice Executive. She has edited and published eleven books.

3. Consumption


Craig Pearson

Professor Craig Pearson, FAIAST, GAICD, is Foundation Director of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. He has held professorships in Australia, Canada and China. An agricultural scientist, his expertise is in strategic planning, institutional change management, research evaluation and management.

4. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change


David Karoly

Professor David Karoly is an ARC Federation Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He is an expert in climate change and climate variability, including greenhouse climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion and interannual climate variations due to El Niño-Southern Oscillation. He is a member of the Science Advisory Panel for the Australian Government, the Australian High Level Coordinating Group on Climate Change Science and the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists.

5. Energy


Peter Seligman

Professor Peter Seligman was a key member of the team that developed the Australian bionic ear. Since retirement from Cochlear, he has been able to spend more time on sustainable energy, in which he has been active for 35 years. He wrote Australian Sustainable Energy – by the numbers, published in 2010, inspired by David MacKay’s Sustainable Energy – without the hot air.


6. Ethics


Craig Prebble

Craig Prebble is the Executive Officer of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. He studied comparative literature, cultural studies, and philosophy. He has also worked in the overseas aid and development sector.



Audrey Yue

Audrey Yue is Head of Screen and Cultural Studies at the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. Her research includes transnational Chinese cinema, cultural policy evaluation, new media and migrant cultures.

Rimi Khan

Dr Rimi Khan is a Research Fellow in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. Her current research focuses on cultural policies and cultural diversity, specifically how arts programs negotiate cultural difference in the context of neoliberal policy agendas. She has also been a sessional lecturer at the University of Melbourne since 2011.

8. Awareness and Behaviour


Angela Paladino

Associate Professor Angela Paladino, University of Melbourne, researches strategic marketing, innovation management and environmental consumer behaviours. She is a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and a fellow of numerous international marketing associations.

9. Local Matters Matter


Kate Auty

Professor Kate Auty is Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Victoria. Working with Victorians, she seeks to enhance knowledge and understanding of issues relating to the social, economic and environmental aspects of an ecologically sustainable future for our state. She holds tertiary qualifications in environmental science, law and history.

10. Public Wisdom


Tim van Gelder

Tim van Gelder is an applied epistemologist. As Principal Fellow, University of Melbourne, he conducts research in cognitive science and critical thinking. As a Principal with Austhink Consulting, a Melbourne consulting firm, he assists large organisations to improve knowledge processes and clarify complex issues, particularly complex argumentation.

11. Mental Health


Grant Blashki

Grant Blashki is a GP, an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne and an honorary lecturer at Kings College London. He is a Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation, a clinical advisor to Beyondblue, a co-founder of Doctors for the Environment Australia and a Member of the Strategic Advisory Group of the Climate Institute.

12. Disease


Peter Doherty

Professor Peter Doherty shared the Nobel Prize in 1996 for the discovery of how the immune system recognises virus-infected cells. He was voted Australian of the Year in 1997. Peter is the author of several books, including A Light History of Hot Air and The Beginners Guide to Winning the Nobel Prize.

13. Corporate Sustainability


Liza Maimone

Liza Maimone is a chemical engineer with postgraduate qualifications in energy and resources law. She is a partner and leader of PwC's Sustainability and Climate Change practice in Australia. She is also a member of the firm's Corporate Responsibility Council and it's Global Governance Board for Sustainability and Climate Change. Liza advises energy and resources sector companies, including global oil and gas companies. Liza is a Director of ECO-Buy.

14. Governance


Hon. John Brumby

Hon. John Brumby is a Vice Chancellor’s Professorial Fellow at both Melbourne and Monash Universities. He was Premier of Victoria from 2007 to 2010 and previously Treasurer from 2000 to 2007. Mr Brumby oversaw the introduction of Australia’s first mandatory renewable energy and energy efficiency targets, as well as the nation’s most comprehensive climate change legislation.

natural resources

15. Ecosystem-Based Adaptation


Rodney Keenan

Professor Rodney Keenan is Director of the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research at a research partnership between Victorian universities. He has research interests in climate change, the role of forests in providing carbon sequestration, forest resource assessment and environmental policy. He is a member of the UN-FAO Advisory Group for the Global Forest Resource Assessment.

16. Water


Hector Malano

Professor Hector Malano is Professor of Water Resource Management and formerly Head of Department of Infrastructure Engineering. He is an agricultural engineer specialising in water resource planning and management, with emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches to sustain-able management. He is a Fellow of the Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand (MSSANZ).

Brian Davidson

Brian Davidson is a Senior Lecturer in the Melbourne School of Land and Environment. He is a past member of the CRC for Irrigation Futures, the eWater CRC and the CRC for Catchment Hydrology. His research interests currently include the economic evaluation of managed water systems, which he has applied in numerous multidisciplinary studies undertaken in India, China, Vietnam and Australia.

17. Food


Sunday McKay

Sunday McKay is studying how to feed a carbon-constrained world for a doctoral degree. In 2010 she received a scholarship from the Sustainable Agricultural Fund to undertake this work. Previously she worked in state politics and is a Director of EQ Life Pty Ltd, a niche publishing company.

Rebecca Ford

Associate Professor Ford, University of Melbourne, is an expert in applied molecular plant pathology and breeding technologies to secure food crop production under changing environments. Her research aims at unravelling the genetics of biotic and abiotic tolerances in temperate grain legumes and other broad acre crop species.

18. Zero Carbon Land-Use


Adrian Whitehead

Adrian Whitehead is a researcher and project director with the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Land Use Project. He is a co-founder of Beyond Zero Emissions and the Otway Ranges Environment Network, and is a council member of the Sustainable Living Foundation.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a Research Fellow with MSSI and Beyond Zero Emissions to develop a Land-Use Plan to achieve a net drawdown of atmospheric carbon within the Australian agriculture and forestry sectors. He was part of a collaborative effort to protect habitat for the critically endangered Baw Baw frog in Victoria and worked in timber projects including the procurement of the veneer panels for the Melbourne Convention Centre.


19. Changing Cities


Peter Newman

Peter Newman is the Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University. He is on the Board of Infrastructure Australia. In Perth, Peter is best known for his work in saving, reviving and extending the city’s rail system. Peter invented the term ‘automobile dependence’, which is now part of most planning practice and theory.

Carolyn Ingvarson

Carolyn Ingvarson has a background in Victorian government and has always worked in her local community, for some time as a councillor, and more recently by establishing Lighter Footprints, a local climate action group. She was awarded the Australian Freight Industry Personality of the Year in 2003.

20. Affordable living


Justyna Karakiewicz

Associate Professor Justyna Karakiewicz, University of Melbourne, is an expert in high-density and parametric urbanism. She has designed and built several sustainable communities and won numerous design competitions, and her work has been exhibited in Royal Academy (London), New York, Kyoto, Barcelona and some twenty other venues.

Thomas Kvan

Professor Tom Kvan is Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne. His co-authored publication, The Making of Hong Kong, reveals the emergence of a volumetric city as a sustainable urban form. His research interests include sustainable urbanisation, the management of design practice and the development of digital applications in design.

21. Built Environment


Pru Sanderson

Pru Sanderson is Global Business Leader – City Development – GHD. Her experience includes being the CEO of VicUrban, leading the design development of the $300 million Melbourne Museum, and being the Manager of Development and Operations for Melbourne’s $500 million Federation Square project. She is a Director of the Zoological Parks and Gardens Board.

22. Infrastructure


Colin Duffield

Colin Duffield is an Associate Professor in Engineering Project Management, University of Melbourne. His recent research has focused on the efficient procurement of major infrastructure. In 2012 he won the Australian National Infrastructure Award for ‘The quantification of design innovation for infrastructure projects’.

23. Transport


Monique Conheady

Monique Conheady is Chair of the Moreland Energy Foundation Limited, a Fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership, and co-founder and CEO of car-sharing company Flexicar. In 1998 she was awarded the National Association of Women in Construction Young Achiever Award. In 2009 she was the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship to research sustainable urban transport.

24. Adaptive Design


Ray Green

Associate Professor Ray Green’s research is primarily concerned with assessing the impacts of landscape change as perceived by the user public and development of methods for facilitating community participation in the planning process. He is currently exploring how individual and household behaviours relate to greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of informing the planning and design of future urban settlements.

25. Handling Disasters


Alan March

Alan March, Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne, has twice won the Global Planning Education Network’s prize for ‘Best Planning Paper’. He is particularly interested in the ways that planning and design can modify disaster risks, and chaired the Planning Institute of Australia’s submission to the Royal Commission into the 2009 Victorian bushfires.


26. Twenty Actions


Craig Pearson

Professor Craig Pearson, FAIAST, GAICD, is Foundation Director of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. He has held professorships in Australia, Canada and China. An agricultural scientist, his expertise is in strategic planning, institutional change management, research evaluation and management.